The Real McCoy.  I am happiest in this position.  Mistress in charge.  No pro pegging here the real McCoy. 

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Amazing public bj, facial & cum-play.

this is hilarious!!

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The best creampie ever!!

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breed my hole now nyc. <1min

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2000 followers in one years time!

Anonymous said: I notice you use an off-the-shelf cage on your husband. Do you take additional security steps, such as a lock through a PA? If not, how do you know he's not cheating by pulling it out back and jackin' it in the restroom at work? No chastity device is secure without a piecicing.

Of all the things I have to worry or care about…. that just doesn’t make the list.

A 75 man bukkake!

I have always wanted to be the center of a 100 man bukkake (though 75 would do in a pinch).  So much cum shot onto your face that drips down covering your torso, saturating your pubic hair!  The though of literally being covered in the cum of so many men… is just so… I don’t even know the words… the word that keeps coming to mind is Want!

Wow! This morning I realized that I am less that 50 “followers away from the 2000 mark!  Thanks guys and girls!

It makes me wonder though… would I have this many followers if they all knew I was a pretty staunch Republican?